The Croatian Society for Neuroscience (HDN) is a non – profit association founded in 2000. and operates in the field of science, education and research. The main goals of HDN are the advancement of neuroscience and related fields of science and the promotion of scientific, teaching, professional and other goals and interests. HDN currently has 300 members (full-time, international, associate and honorary members and student members).

HDN is involved in world events in the field of neuroscience and achieves its goals:

  • by organizing regular meetings and discussions for its members
  • organizing scientific and professional conferences in the field of neuroscience in cooperation with domestic and international organizations and prominent experts
  • systematic cooperation with scientific-educational institutions and public institutes operating in the field of neuroscience and related disciplines
  • by including in the work programs and activities of the international network of national and international societies for neuroscience
  • encouraging dialogue between scientists and the public by systematically, actively and objectively informing the general public about new developments and diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic possibilities and ethical problems in the field of neuroscience

The HDN Assembly, which meets at least once a year, is made up of all its members. The Assembly adopts the status and other general acts of HDN, elects and dismisses members of all HDN governing bodies, financial plan, determines work program, determines the amount of annual membership fee, decides on HDN’s accession to relevant international organizations, decides on members’ appeals submitted against the decisions of other HDN management bodies, decides on all HDN affairs, if it has not entrusted the decision-making on other HDN management bodies, decides on the termination and existence of HDN and performs other tasks determined by the Law or the HDN Statute .

HDN receives new members at a regular meeting of the Assembly that takes place in early December each year.

The completed application form for HDN membership can be sent by e-mail to or by mail to the address: Croatian Institute for Brain Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb and Croatian Society for Neuroscience, Šalata 12, 10000 Zagreb.